06 October 2011


One night Henry terrorized out by Pocong at boarding. Then Hary, Boy and Tedi experience the same thing, even then Tedi be hit by a car, when he pursued terrified pocong so Tedi should be hospitalized. The next day, Hary and Henry immediately went to Shaman magic to ask for protection. But it turns out, giving Kris Shaman to protect Henry and Hary not make Pocong stop chasing. Boy panic, he finally admitted to Ririn and miRNA kesalahnnya kostnya friends. Apparently, Hary Cs've made mistakes, that have been accidentally killed a girl named Lastri. It happened, one day Henry Hary create scenarios to match with Lastri, sekampusnya friends. Henry offers to Lastri to go home with Hary. Lastri kissing strange signs. He felt offended to be treated as such by Henry. Lastri angry, then go left Wawan Cs. Henry tried to chase Lastri, and Lastri accelerate the course.

Suddenly Lastri foot stone tripped and fell. Immediately Lastri lying unconscious. In fact, having checked his pulse, turns Lastri has died. Wawan Cs panic. They blame each other. Fearing the body will decompose and the smell of people, the next day they decided to bury the corpse Lastri - by wearing a shroud - appropriately in the vacant lot. Lastri curious corpses, and finally Pocong "chase" them all