03 December 2013

Film X-Men - First Class

For you fans of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, has now released their new movie X-Men: First Class.
With Action Film category / genre and directed by Matthew Vaughn, making this film is a film that is right for your choice. The film was released on June 3, 2011.

Synopsis: "Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the name of Professor X and Magneto, those two young men learned of their powers for the first time. Before their nemesis, their best friends, working together, with other mutants (some, familiar some new), for stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. in this process, a rift opened between them, who started a war lasting between Professor X and Magneto's Brotherhood X-Men. "

02 December 2013

Padang Bulan (the first novel of the Padang Bulan Double Stories)

So, if the Laskar Pelangi Quartet ends in Maryamah Karpov, Padang Bulan double stories may be called as the continuation of the former quartet stories. They still talk about Ikal—the writer himself—and his life stories and personal environmental observation towards his Melayan society.

This first story of the double—Padang Bulan—still talks about how people are stuck in terrible and invaluable situations and insist on their dreams and wishes. It starts with a young girl named Enong—later becomes Ikal’s friend—whose father dies suddenly in the middle of their family’s poor condition and starvation. Enong, having dreams to master English language and become an English teacher, sadly has to face a condition in which she seems to lose all of her dreams and must take the family’s responsibility of being the breadwinner. So, she struggles to get a job, fails, tries again until she eventually become the first female tin mineworker.

However, this story is actually not about Enong, it’s still about Ikal—so that’s why you may feel uncomfortable with the falling narrative of Enong at the end of the story—. It seems like Hirata only wants to represent Enong as the prologue of his own story. Unfortunately, Enong’s story is quite inspirative here rather than his own ridicolous love/jealous saga.

So, what’s the actual story? After having quarrel with his father because his father won’t give his bless to his relationship with a girl named A Ling, Ikal leaves home and chooses A Ling instead. Unfortunately, A Ling leaves home days after their last meeting and the rumor has that she has a relationship with another man and soon will get married. Ikal feel irked and jealous, asking: how can she turn her back on me and choose another man? Ikal can’t except that and he promises that he will beat that man in any game so that A Ling will come back to him. Jealousy and desperation bring him to insanity and misery of love that he does many stupid things and ends up with ridiculous—if not horrible— actions. But at the end, all those loses and harms and stupid actions are to no avail.

The story is not as so special as Laskar Pelangi or Sang Pemimpi or my favorite, Edensor. But it has still the peculiarity and characteristic of Andrea Hirata: genius, funny, silly, smart, detail in every single character, feeling, thought, and now he’s very much critical. I still love this novel, and I take it as smart entertainment.

Writer : Andrea Hirata
Year : 2010
Language : Indonesian


Telling the experience that school is almost over Indonesia, many students who do not pass the national exam.
Amek is one of the disciples of the many students of SDN 08
who do not pass the exam at that time. Amek is actually a good boy, but the nature of introverted, hard-hearted and tend ignorant, making it often punished by his teachers at school. Instead Minun brother, he sat down and always dibangku junior champion. He already has lined up a row of trophies and certificates of their living room.
Minun and Amek lived with his mother, Siti, in the village Mantar. A village located dipuncak hill, away from urban areas. Siti's husband, Zechariah, already three years working in Malaysia but never go home, let alone send them money. Beyond the beautiful village of neat, there is a tree that is not so high but its exact dibibir cliff, overlooking the sea off. People call it the trees around the village ideals.

Piece of paper bearing the name of a person follows his ideals, and inserted into the bottle color - iridescent up cit tree - it looks so beautiful ideals. Amek has shortcomings since birth, cleft lips and a joke of his friends. But behind its drawbacks which have, God gave Amek many advantages, one of which he is adept at riding. Amek never answer what his ideals. Amek afraid that people would laugh. He is well aware, lack of which he had been distancing himself from his ideals.
Amek, Acan, Umbe, Minun and school children Mantar is very close to Mother Teacher Imbok, he was a favorite teacher. He who best understand the desire of students - students and trying to make his students pass.

Runtime: 105 min.
Staring: Lukman Sardi, Asrul Dahlan, Titi Sjuman, Ririn Ekawati
Director: Ari Sihasale
Studio: Alenia Pictures
Genre: Romance / Drama


The story revolves around Muluk, a scholar who is already 2 years old S1 graduation but have not gotten the job. Although the status of unemployment and often fail but Muluk
never despair. Job opportunities actually came unexpectedly, preceded by a meeting with a pickpocket named Comet. Comets carry Muluk to his headquarters, and then introduces his boss named Jarot. Muluk surprised because the place was a lot of kids her age who is a pickpocket's Comet. Muluk then saw an opportunity here, he offered his willingness to manage their finances through Jarot and ask in return 10% of the outcome and cost weeks to educate the children. Apparently Muluk successful business, but on the other hand he was moved to direct the children to change their profession. With help from her friends, Muluk divide the task of teaching the children about the religion, manners, and citizenship. Does the business Muluk and his friends succeed? And how the views of parents Muluk if knowing that the money earned from the proceeds copetan son? Just watch "What a funny thing (State It)".

Genre: Animation / Comedy
Staring : Deddy Mizwar , Slamet Rahardjo , Tio Pakusadewo, Reza Rahadian, Jaja Mihardja , Ratu Tika Bravani
Director : Deddy Mizwar
Screenwriter : Musfar Yasin
Story : Musfar Yasin
Studio : Citra Sinema

Final Destination 5

This film has been released on five on 12 August 2011 (USA). The film carries the category / genre is Action Movie starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell and Arlen Escarpeta.

Synopsis: "Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there's no way you can cheat Death."

Genre: Horror | Thriller
Release Date: 12 August 2011 (USA)
Run Time: 92 min
Country: USA

Director, Actress, Actor and Cast Film Final Destination 5.
Director: Steven Quale