02 December 2013


Dutch Military Aggression II in December 1948 to make Sri Mulyani (Tika Project Pop) wasted from his hometown in Maguwo, Central Java. Sri wandering innocent until
to the region Panjen and Indonesia met with the guerrilla forces led Captain Hadi Sugito (Ivory Marten), which opens with Sri registration of new members that day, Udjo, son of himself as duped Wiwid (Shanty) girl her idol. In addition, there Ahok (Odie Project Pop) and Tumino (Gugum Project Pop), the village youth from around the region Panjen. They were later joined by Toar (Yosi Project Pop) myopic young men who had already become guerrillas, Corporal Jono (Dwi Sasono an aristocrat who enroll) that often demoted, and Lieutenant Bowo new members Panjen guerrillas. Under the leadership of Corporal Jono, soldiers were minimal experience would be foolish to escape from the headquarters to free their friends. By simply relying on information from Once (Oon Project Pop) KNIL soldiers who their captive, and the army stormed the headquarters mbalelo Let (T. Rifnu Wikana) Capt.

 Hadi Sugito right hand. Before Sri and her friends have fought provision of adequate, KNIL troops under the command of Lieutenant Kuyt had attacked their base, the village Panjen. Lieutenant Wiwid Kuyt and his sister kidnapped, Yayuk (Masayu Anastasia) to cause anger and nan Kuyt Jono Cpl. As a result, they even pressed and joined in captivity. Corporal tantrum Jono and his men were making Captain Hadi's wrath. They were fired with no honor. This makes them not included in a major offensive to Yogyakarta on March 1, 1949 led by Lieutenant Colonel Suharto. Silently they move themselves to intercept the Dutch reinforcements in a daring mission, they are known as elite troops by Siliwangi troops, and also recorded a history as heroes reckless unforgettable.

Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Runtime : 110 min.
Staring : Dwi Sasono, Masayu Anastasia, Gading Marten
Studio : Pt. Kharisma Starvision Plus

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