02 December 2013


Milli and Nathan had liked each other from high school in Bandung. They were dating. Until high school, Nathan went into a dream university in Jakarta.
Milli stay in Bandung. Nathan decided that he wanted to concentrate the relationship with the college. Milli prefer to be a novelist. Until finally Milli actually quit college and decided to write a book.
Milli's visit to Jakarta, he met Nathan again. They let go of each other like a man longing for courtship. Milli returned to Bandung to believe that they are back together. It turned out that Nathan did not think so. Milli was disappointed. Launching his first novel, Milli was accompanied by a new girlfriend. Nathan appears again and expressing regret, asking Milli back to being her boyfriend again. Milli angry. According to Milli, Nathan had casually come and go in life. Milli did not receive Nathan. Nathan returned to Jakarta and graduated. Milli again busy with his second novel. Milli then broke up with her ​​boyfriend. Nathan returned to Bandung.

They relate more, remained in obscurity a commitment. Nathan gave up the news that she will marry another woman ... and will move to Jakarta. Milli shocked. Disappointed and angry.
Life continues. Milli began to remove Nathan from his life. Until finally Milli knew that Nathan was never really left it all along.

Genre: Romance
Runtime: 110 min.
Staring: Olivia Jensen Lubis, Him Damascus, Chris Laurent
Director: Hanny R. Saputra
Studio: Falcon Pictures

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